Tosa no Nichiyoichi

[Tosa no Nichiyoichi] Received the highest “Honorary President Award” in 2013.

Fragrance-free flavor continues to be valued across Japan.

Our patented method of extracting fruit essentials using deep sea water allows the naturally
rich aroma of the peels to infuse into the juice, thus creating Tosa no Nichiyoichi, with a flavor
richer than freshly picked fruit that contains no artificial colors or fragrance .
Feel the smooth texture as soon as you have the first bite.
As the jelly gently melts in your mouth, the juice and flavor will spread across your palate.
A juicy dessert with a refreshing aftertaste .

The premium taste  of Tosa Chosen across Japan

Our patented deep sea water extraction method
to capture the natural flavor of fresh fruit

Our heatless extraction method comes from 20 years of research.
Using deep sea water, we extract nearly all of the fruit’s natural flavor,
avoiding the use of artificial fragrances and colors.
Made with the natural color, essence, and flavor of freshly picked fruit,
this dessert is highly admired across Japan.



We use generous amounts of Kochi grown konatsu juice and zest and captured its refreshing essence with our patented deep sea water extraction method.

Suspended in the jelly is a wedge of glazed konatsu. Enjoy the fruit in its entirety with this Fragrance-free, color-free jelly.



By pureeing Kochi grown yamamomo in-house, we created a jelly free of unnecessary preservatives.

Cute berries float within this fragrance-free,
color-free jelly.
Muroto deep sea water is used to bring out the abundant rustic flavor of yamamomo.



Using the juice and bountiful fragrance of the zest, we captured the refreshing flavor of yuzu with our patented deep sea water extraction method.

Accented with green yuzu, this is an flavorful jelly free of artificial fragrances and colors.

Black Grape

Black Grape

Black grapes selected for their deep flavor are pureed in-house to create a jelly free of unnecessary preservatives.
You will find grapes floating within the fragrance-free, color-free jelly in which Muroto deep sea water is used to bring out the rich taste of the fruit.



Fukuhara oranges are limited in production, and through our patented ​deep sea water extraction method, we fully extract the strong flavor and tartness using the entire fruit, from its juices to its peels.

A slice of orange is placed into this color-free, fragrance-free jelly dessert.

Japanese Plum

Japanese Plum

Selecting the finest of Japanese plums, we puree the fruit in-house to create a jelly free of unnecessary preservatives.

A fragrance-free, color-free jelly infused with the flavor of Japanese plum, extracted using Muroto deep sea water.



The refreshing aroma of the Naoshichi citrus is packed into this jelly using Hamako’s patented method, which uses minimal heating and deep sea water.

The Naoshichi citrus is milder than Yuzu. You will be delightfully surprised by its smooth flavor upon your first taste.

Hamako’s original  production method of  extracting fruit essentials

It is said that citrus fruits have most of their essence in the peels. When the fruit is squeezed, some of the essence from the peels mixes into the squeezed juice, however, there is still much of the essence left in the peels which goes to waste.

At Hamako, we use sugar to extract the fragrance component from the peels and minimize the bitterness with deep sea water.
We are able to use nearly 100% of the fruit’s natural essence to bring out a stronger flavor using our original method.

Illustration on the wrapping by courtesy of children’s book Nichiyoichi written by author Shigeo Nishimura, a native of Kochi.

Shigeo Nishimura was born in 1947.
He is a Japanese picture book author.His famous works include Ofuroya-san (The Bathhouse) and Yakou ressha (Night Train).
His books won the 8th and 12th Japanese Picture Book Awards, the 43rd Sankei Children’s Book Award, and the 5th Japan Picture Book Award.

Fruit Jelly of Tosa Tosa no Nichiyoichi Manufacturing Process

After oranges are squeezed, place the peels into a grinder and mince finely.

Combine the minced orange peel with sugar. When mixed thoroughly, place in a container and freeze. During this time, the sugar will soak into the orange peel.

Defrost and combine the sweetened orange paste with deep sea water and grind into a fine powder. This fine powder will give the jelly its smooth texture. The rich flavor of the jelly is achieved by using deep sea water, which has a higher osmotic pressure than regular water, and by extracting the fragrance component of the peels using sugar.

Melt the agar solution by heating (water and agar) and combine the orange paste and fresh squeezed juice. Check that the sugar levels meet the criteria and cool at a fixed temperature to complete the jelly liquid.

Check the glazed oranges visually, then place in a cup and fill the cup with a fixed quantity of jelly. Heat seal the plastic film to keep air out.

After filling the cups, heat sterilize for a fixed duration at a fixed temperature, then cool to room temperature.